Home Delivery for 100th Birthday

Staff members of Brent Cross McDonald’s made a special home visit to help celebrate the 100th birthday of a regular customer, bringing her usual McDonald’s order to her door. Joining the party at the same time as the Mayor of Barnet, restaurant Branch Manager Uma Rajamohun said: “Pauline has been a regular customer for many years but has been less able to get about over the last year. So we decided to visit her bringing her usual coffee and apple pie. She was extremely excited to see us amongst her family and friends. Everyone at the Brent Cross restaurant knows Pauline. We were delighted to help celebrate her centenary.”

Pauline’s grandson wrote about the occasion on his blog.

Barnet Times article here

Weekly Tribune

The Weekly Tribune, a newspaper aimed at Asian community in London spoke to Atul Pathak about his path to success as a Migrant Entrepreneur. In the article Atul shares his views on the opportunities that opened up to him as a young man coming to the UK and how his staff are the bedrock of Appt Corporation.Read the full article here.

FT hails Atul Pathak as one of UK’s most successful restaurant franchisees

The Financial Times highlighted Atul Pathak as a success story following publication of the Centre for Entrepreneurs report on Migrant Entrepreneurs. Recognising the tendency for people to establish themselves in places where a number of compatriots already live, the article looked at the communities where migrant entrepreneurs had chosen to settle and start their businesses.

Quoted in the newspaper, Atul said: “I am immensely proud of being an Indian, but the UK is my home and the place where I have raised my children. I am committed to making as much of a contribution as possible to those communities that my restaurants serve.”

The full FT article is available here.

Atul Pathak featured in groundbreaking report on Migrant Entrepreneurs

A report by the Centre for Entrepreneurs found that 1 in 7 companies in the UK had been founded by migrant entrepreneurs who drove job creation across the country. Atul Pathak, who employs 1,700 people across his twenty restaurants was cited as a case study in the report.

Atul told the Centre for Entrepreneurs: “Someone can succeed here if they work hard with honesty and integrity. London in particular has always been a place that has attracted people who want to better themselves and I am grateful for the chances that opened up for me and that I was able to grab.”

The report and Atul’s contribution can be read here

Nominate your community group in Kilburn

The Kilburn Times has asked for community groups to put themselves forward for the APPT Corporation Community Awards which offers a financial contribution and a year-long partnership with charities and community groups working around Wembley, Cricklewood, Kilburn, Neasden and Colindale amongst other areas.

Atul Pathak on launching the awards said: “I am proud to launch the awards so that I can continue to do my bit to support and help the many excellent local community groups around London that may need that extra helping hand.”

Applicants do not have to be registered charities but must be doing some good for the community with a sustainable plan for longer term legacy of success beyond the one year partnership. Details on how to apply can be found here.

Atul Pathak honoured with the Pride of Punjab Award

Atul Pathak was one of four people who received an award from The Punjabi Society of the British Isles (PSBI) for bringing honour to their community and country through their lives.

The awards were given at a spectacular Diwali Dinner at the SAS Radisson Hotel, Portman Square, London W1H 7BG on 8th November 2013 in support of the Armed Forces charity, ‘Combat Stress’, www.combatstress.org.uk which provides support for psychologically traumatized soldiers.

PSBI President, Dr Rami Ranger said “Atul Pathak has through his Philanthropic Activities helped so many lives. Mr Pathak has raised over £250,000 for various charities and also donates a percentage of his annual sales; last year he raised over £20,000 by trekking across the Sahara.” Upon receiving the award Mr Pathak said that it was a privilege and honour to be recognised by one’s own community, he described the Punjabi values that are the basis of his philanthropic activities, adding that he is proud to have these values instilled in him.