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Our Roles

We have a variety of roles to suit the needs of the individual. We offer flexible working, opportunities to gain nationally recognised qualifications and to forge a career, plus numerous rewards and benefits.

Crew Member

What does it mean to be a Crew Member? The secrets in the name. Join us and you’ll become part of a crew, or a team, that works together to provide the best quick service, family restaurant experience – by far.

If you’ve visited one of our restaurants before, you’ve probably got some idea of what’s involved in working here. But you might not realise the variety and scope of the role. There are three main areas of responsibility: Customer Service, Food Preparation and Cleanliness & Hygiene.


My employees are the foundation of my business .”-Atul Pathak, Managing Director OBE

Customer Service

‘Good customer service skills’ is a phrase you might see in any number of job descriptions. But they’re never more important than here at McDonald’s. If you’re friendly, courteous and helpful by nature you’re half way there. On top of this, you’ll be expected to provide our customers with a quick and accurate service, showing sensitivity to their individual needs.

Specific responsibilities that involve serving customers include working behind the counter on the till and being out in the dining areas looking after our customers’ needs.

Customer Care Assistant

As a Customer Care Assistant, think of yourself as the face of your restaurant. In a nutshell, you’ll deal with customers and make sure everything runs as it should in the customer areas. Activities include making children feel welcome, handing out balloons, looking after customers’ specific needs, keeping high standards of cleanliness in the dining area and toilets, and helping to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It’s your responsibility to establish and maintain positive communication with customers at all times and to keep your manager informed about customer satisfaction.

You may also take part in the planning and implementation of children’s parties, coffee mornings, children’s competitions and other special events organised by your restaurant.

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