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Tek: from Crew Member to Consultant

Tek started as a crew member in 2005 whilst studying Business Management at university. After completing his education Tek decided to embark on career at Appt Corporation and was promoted to Shift Manager in 2007. Within two years he was promoted twice from 2nd assistant to 1st assistant manager. In 2009 Tek was promoted to a Business Manager and successfully managed the flagship restaurant at Appt Corporation. In 2015 Tek was promoted to Operations Consultant, overseeing and responsible for operations across six restaurants within the Company.

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Ioana Manolache from Crew Member to First Assistant Manager

I started working as a part-time crew member as I was working another job, then I decided to make it a full-time job because I wanted a career in Appt Corporation. After a while I was promoted to crew trainer and after that to shift manager. In 2017 I became first assistant and I’m currently based in Brent Cross shopping centre and I have been here since the beginning. Through the training provided I have developed many skills and the next goal is to become a Business Manager and run a restaurant within Appt Corporation.

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Sabry Hussain from Crew Member to Business Manager

I started as a part time crew member in 2010 while studying at University. After completing my Master’s degree I decided to continue to work within the Appt Corporation and in 2011 I was promoted to shift manager. Subsequently in 2016 I was promoted to a 2nd assistant manager before receiving a further promotion to 1st assistant manager. In 2017 I was promoted as the Business Manager for Windsor McDonalds. Appt Corporation has given me the opportunity to grow within the company and build myself a career. During my free time I like to play cricket and spend time with my daughter and wife.

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Oumar El - Habib from Crew Member to Shift Manager

I have been with APPT since the summer of 2016. I rapidly progressed from a Crew Member to Crew Trainer. Becoming a Shift Manager in December 2016. In 2017, I had the privilege of moving to a flagship restaurant in North Acton. It has been an amazing experience thus far, and I am looking forward to the next step of my career with Appt Corporation. 

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